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Drama & Movement Classes

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Our Drama and Movement classes are based on our tried and tested curriculum which has been specially created by our Artistic Director, Deirdre. The lessons are always lively, structured and fun. We offer:

  •     Infant Drama & Movement (4-7 or 5-7 yrs)
  •     Junior Drama & Movement (7-11 yrs)
  •     Year 7 Drama
  •     Year 8 Drama
  •     Youth Theatre (Yr 9 -13)

See our Timetable for further details.

Infant Drama & Movment

A playful mixture of warm-up games, imaginative journeys and role plays. With lots of teacher interaction and fun. Our enthusiastic teachers encourage each child to develop their ability by exploring characters and themes of popular stories like 'Lost and Found', 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'Fairy Tale Aventures' etc. A stimulating class which sparks the imagination, enhances creativity and boosts confidence – all at your child’s own pace.

Junior Drama & Movement

We offer several Junior Drama classes in and around Lewes. These popular classes will help develop important social skills for life. Children explore characters, themes and new theatrical techniques while learning how to gain more control over their physicality and voice as they go. Children have a chance to perform in our frequent show cases and our big shows in Lewes. Kaleidoscope children tend to stand out from the crowd by being more personable, more self assured and more articulate in conversation.

We work on a different theme each term. Some examples of previous topics include: Witches, Wizards and Magical Mayhem, The Fire Children, (an African tale), The Tale of Jack Frost and The Iron Man.

Yr 7 Drama and Youth Theatre (Yr 8-11)

A unique chance to work with theatre professionals. Students work at a more challenging level exploring improvisation, texts and characterisation work. With plenty of performance opportunities, Trinity Drama exams and Arts Award qualifications. Kaleidoscope’s popular Drama classes help enhance social skills for life – our students tend to be noticeably more confident, more articulate and more at ease in social situations and as a result, they often do better in the classroom.

Kaleidoscope is fully insured with public and employers liability and all our staff have enhanced DBS certificates.

The great thing is, you don’t have to pay out for the term until your child has had a trial class. To make an enquiry you can contact Deirdre at 

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